Devoted to Entrepreneurs

Building a company is a journey that demands courage to make difficult decisions. We have traveled this road and know the cultural and market challenges facing female-founders. Winning, as we nurture, is a mindset that takes passion, grit and dynamic thinking that only comes from deep, diverse experience.

WFF is a founder-driven, growth investor. We are active and engaged partners, leveraging our resources to accelerate your path to an iconic company. We fund and patiently teamwork with you in transcending challenges and scaling your venture.

Why Partner with WFF?

Founders seek more than capital when evaluating investors. They look for a partner that can catalyze their venture and commit for the long haul. Working with WFF offers advantages, beyond funding:


Our support does not stop at the IPO. We back your company well into its public market life, expanding its market leadership to build lasting success. We coach you in making the change from private to public, helping with pre-IPO positioning, road show preparation, and ongoing interaction with analysts and the media

Why Choose WFF