What We Do

  • Funding and mentoring changemakers in building gamechangers from lab to capital markets, utilizing our full-scale VC ecosystem firms.
  • Partnering with ambitious early-stage founders in building next-generation companies.
  • Partnering with founding-teams in harnessing STEM and innovation, backing them in validating and building their concepts into scalable companies.
  • Backing innovators in building companies in the space of productive and consumer technology, creating jobs and value chain opportunities for other entrepreneurs, investors, and service-providers.
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Backing Founders With


Network Support Here

Our recently-founded Deals-n-Angels (“D&A”) sister-firm is a premier network of founders, investors, technologists, thought leaders, and policymakers – providing an unfair advantage to our entrepreneurs.

D&A is an invite-only networking community for founders, investors, STEM & public policy influencers, where they collaborate with their peers on issues affecting the venture process. D&A curates events that foster strong industry relationships. It brings together bright minds on a subject, theme or trend and let them decide where to take the conversation – all that for the benefit of our women entrepreneurs.

What We Do